commitment assure that your trophy will provide lasting enjoyment and renew the excitement of the hunt.

As a hunter, there is no reason to have to wait 1 to 2 years or longer to get your mount back.  We expect to deliver a mounted specimen in a timely fashion.  Our turn-a-round time has been 4 to 7 months for over 20 years, setting Noon's Taxidermy aside from other Northern New Jersey Taxidermists.  All hides are sent to a commercial tannery, and only the highest quality materials and latest taxidermy techniques are used.

We offer remounting old mounts, or perhaps you have a set of antlers from a deer that was never mounted, but wish it was.  We can provide a tanned cape and mount the antlers as though the animal was just harvested. Try our new custom remount service, send us the antlers from an old trophy that was never mounted or from a less than satifactory mount from years ago, and we will send you back a state of the art, prestine mount.


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Located in Sussex County, Northern New Jersey, only minutes from both New York and Pennsylvania.



Noon’s Taxidermy was founded by John Noon in 1979.  Now operating as a family business , his wife Patti, and sons JP, Brian and Tim all participate in the business.    As a family, we all have a passion for wildlife and hunting.    Our 25 plus years experience has earned us the reputation of quality workmanship and reliability that you look for in a local taxidermist.

Our mission is to treat each mount as though it was our own, recreating a lifetime of memories.   Our love of what we do, our skill, experience , and

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